Monday, January 24, 2011

UFO list and other problems, Black and red friendship star quilt

Well its Monday morning, and I started on a UFO, I wanted to make a border and I thought I had put the fabrics together with the quilt top, but noooooo, so I started hunting for that 2 gal baggie that had those fabrics,
but I couldnt find anything, what I did find was two sets of Quiltswappers signature blocks, lol
I dont know how I lost these, but wow, one set is dated 2000 and the other is 2002
I think that is my oldest UFO.
It brings back alot of good memories,
the group is no longer around.(I dont think so anyways) During that time I got shirt and pin and a little
green bear that the owner had made.
We sure swapped alot of things, ;D

Well back to the story, I found 21 WIP or UFOs depending on how you see them
so I did get that much done, and I pulled little bits of fabric I had left
in my stash from the quilt, and will add a few more to make a border

AND then my hubby called, he's been home for 6 weeks nursing a bad shoulder,
hes been going Physical Therapy 3 days a week, every week, well today
they decided he had tears, so it will at least March before they will release
him, and at that time they will decide if he needs surgery, arggggggggg
hes asking now to teach him to sew quilts, cause hes so bored, and cant
do much of anything else, lol
I think I am loosing my mind, at least whats left of it lol,

Anywaysss here is the quilt I am working on, not sure what I was thinking,
maybe with the border on it will transform into something better to look at,

I am also adding a couple of blocks I made on Sunday for a donation
for a quilt for a cancer patient,
They are debbie mumm vintage little house blocks with a setting like courthouse
steps they are 12 inches and very fun to do(they really are square, but leave it
to me and pic taking skills, they look longer, and kind of lumpy geesh)

I hope you have a good day, it was 15 below freezing yesterday, no wonder
I couldnt keep the house warm, today its a balmy 5 Above freezing LOL


  1. Love the star/cabin. Just me, but I would white border the dark sides, and black border the white sides - adding to the cabin feature - the bind all in black. I have some of those Deb Mumm house blocks too! But I'm sending mine off with a box of other orphan blocks to our Senior Center. We have been in the sub-zeros, too and I am so ready for warm weather.

  2. you might be right about that star logcabin, its I just dont have those fabrics, so we will see what I can come up with.
    You made some of the house blocks? Do you know what pattern that was? I cant find it again,
    I have lots of her books but not one of them looks like that lol thank you for stopping bye and leaving a comment

  3. Prayers for your hubby's healing and for the two of you quilting together. I think the star quilt is gorgeous. Sew on...

  4. Well I think your star quilt is awesome. I Love those borders!! Adds a lot of pizzazz. Stella in Ottawa