Friday, February 25, 2011

UfO # 4 is done

This table runner is done, its made up of flannels, and I quilt as you go
method, I wanted to try it once, and decided a smaller project would be
better, its worked out fine, and I will be using it on an antique dresser
so its nice and flat.
I tried to design a echo like quilting, I machine quilted it, then
I applied the stripe strips, (haha say that 10 times fast) and sewed
them with the machine, the only hand sewing I did was to do the binding
which is flannel, so I did a single strip binding, I didnt double it
I just pressed it half, then pressed one side up
so that it would be turned and pressed when I finished handing sewing it to the back

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my first quilt shop fabric quilt

This quilt I used scraps from my youngest daughters dresses that I had made,
and was the first time I went to a quilt shop for fabric, I believe I brought
two blue fabrics, and a black, it was wonderful to find such a place, its not a good pic, and I hope one day I can get all my quilts on here, huggsss

Friday, February 4, 2011

UFO top is done

After a few trial and errors, and some ripping, the top is done,
I am really glad too, I will put it aside for now, since I have
two quilts ahead of it to quilt, the tables are full, it will
have to take a number lol

I hope to get a few more things done this weekend, quilty ones,
we will see how the old body keeps up,

hugs and happy quilting