Saturday, January 22, 2011

more photos

here is another pic I just took, it shows the border, and the sandwich,
I do comfort quilts, that is to say, I use thicker batts, and flannel
backings, the top is cotton regular fabric, I was asked to make this one
so its not mine (sob) I love it, I used alot of stash up, I did buy the all the
dots, the nuetrals, I wanted a more control feel, after using up
all the blues, and I am ready to big stitch this quilt and get it out the door

its so large I can't really get a good photo, after its done quilted, maybe I can hang
it, we will see, I really need to get one of those larger wooden hangers
make it so much easier to take a photo in the winter


  1. What do you by big stitch it? I've not heard that term.

  2. I use pearl cotton and a larger needle, and the stitch is larger
    I think Billie from Simply Quilts showed it and
    that is where I got it from, I use the big stitch because the batting is very thick, and normal handquilting would be impossible, the small needle and thread wouldnt even begin to go thru all of the layers