Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before pictures of other UFOs

I am posting a few of the UFOs that are on my list to finish, seems like a good idea, lol
before and then after, maybe it will help me get motivated, more strips that I made up into a smaller size quilt, I havent sewed the blocks together, so it still needs that and then batting, quilting and binding,
Here are two blocks I posted by themselves so you can see how I pieced some of
the smaller scrap strips, I sewed them together and made a piece of fabric, then
I cut them into another strip, lol, great way to use up all size of strips,
and keep it really scrappy looking


  1. Very nice use of strips. The color combo is smashing!

  2. They say you are not a true quilter til you've done a log cabin. Yours is lovely.