Sunday, August 3, 2014

Its August already!

Where does the time go, I thought I was doing pretty good, and I realized I hadn't posted anything for two months! Lets see, Got a little dog, Yorkie, she will be the death of me, no kidding!! She loves to chew and bite. The door around the bottom is nice and white, she did a good job of taking the first few layers off. Then there was the gate, she chewed a hole thru it, then there is the curtain cord, the ties on the rocking chair, the batting she found in the closet, and she did all this in the few hours she has out of her crate, lol
anyways here is what I have been working on, both are scrap quilts, the Lady of the lake in blue is for the same person I made the Big Blue one for, you can find the pic a few posts back, and the other is from all the scraps of flannels that were laying around, Oh I haven't posted the baby quilts I made, hmmmmmm almost 2 years ago, lol I did say I was a little behind.
of course they are all done now, I didn't get pictures of the finished product, and when asked for them to take it, well you know how that goes, lol a few years later hmmmmmmm nope not a pic yet, there is one more quilt that is in progress, I am having troubles with it, someone gifted me a new ruler, it has a straight side, and the other is peaked with mountain peaks, so of course I brought the book, and this is what came out of my fabric selection, some my vintage fabric, its very nice except for those darn birds, well not sure what to do about it,
The book is named Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown the one I was going for is called Brownies a la mode! Well lets see I will be putting up some fabric, probably in 1/2yard sets, on Ebay, when I do I will post the link here for all of you thank you so much for reading!!!

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